Movement Snacks

Welcome to Movement Snacks! We created this course to support people who have busy lives and want or need to move their bodies but may not have time to drive to the gym for an hour and drive back. It was also created for the person wanting to start a movement practice or become more capable but not knowing how to start. Moving your body doesn’t have to be an all or nothing endeavor. Instead we are giving you the tools to unwind the stiffness and rigidity developed from hours upon hours of sitting in chairs, cars, seats, couches and meetings by partaking in 10 minutes of movement snacks on a  daily basis.

Our bodies  are designed to move. The more we move the better we feel. Don’t be fooled by the sexy fitness ads on TV and in magazines. Training doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can be really gentle.

With Movement Snacks, we are providing you with different movement skills, Monday through Friday, and then lifestyle and play options for the weekend which you will practice over the next month. This will allow you the repetition needed to give your nervous system enough exposure to own each movement and become more capable. Doing something over and over, no matter how small, has a huge power. With Movement Snacks, you will be provided with  daily videos and drills to help you establish your movement practice as a helpful and essential habit. All you have to do is SEE and DO. We hope you move with joy in your heart and a smile on your face. It feels good to feel good. Connect with your body and enjoy the ride.


Movement Snacks